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I inheireted my love of woodwork (and many of his tools as well !) from my father  and have been working with wood for many years. In primary school "shop" class, I built a small wooden stool. We still use it today and it is as strong as ever - with no maintenance required. Moving on from there, I built the enevitable bookcases, shelves, etc, and in later years expanded to childens toys, tables and chairs.

 The gift of a wood turning lathe started me into producing candle sticks, bowls and anything else that is round ! Participating in a small studio tour in Markham I was given a few commissions from both private individuals and public organizations. As the interest in "live edge" wood has grown recently, I have come to realize what I have always tried to achieve :

 To match the beauty of wood to an artistic but useful creation. 

I start either with a concept for a piece of woodwork, or simply with a piece of wood. The challenge is to match the wood to the object in a pleasing, artistic way. Thus I spend time looking for interesting pieces of wood in local sawmills and elsewhere but also looking around at my surroundings with a view to creating a work that embodies the feelings of the moment.